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Monday, 13 August 2018

Dutch Beer of the Week

Epe Bier Collectief Rein Quadrupel

Apologies for the hiatus. Luckily I recently stopped work so now have more time to devote to beery matters. This means that JC's Beer Blog should have a more regular and permanent existence. As a result I have a couple of additional features planned which I hope you like. However to kick off let's have a new Dutch Beer of the Week - and this one's a little beauty.

I admit to knowing very little about the Epe Bier Collectief. Tim Skelton's Beer in the Netherlands tells me they are hobbyists who turned professional in 2012 and who borrow other breweries to make what are well-regarded beers. The website tells me that said hobbyists are Henk Overbosch (who is the brewer and 'driving force'), Henk Wesselink, Maarten de Groot and Edwin Raben.

As you'll see from the website they make an interesting range of beers - some in more modern styles and some with a nod to tradition. Rein, I think, combines the two.  They made it at the Sallandse Landbier Brouwerij which is the home to a number of Dutch cuckoo brewers but I see they have also brewed at De Molen which is clearly some sort of seal of approval.

So, what's it like, Bloody good  but I guess you'll want a bit more than that. It's a lovely dark chestnut and there's a malty sweetness on the nose with hints of honey and caramel. As you drink there's more malty sweetness, with hints of nuts, caramel and dried fruit. It doesn't cloy though and I see the hop grist includes Mount Hood and Citra, along with Styrian Goldings and Premiant, and I'm guessing they give this the necessary lift. The finish is suitably warming - which is what I'd expect for a 9% beer in this style.

I'll be looking out for more Epe Bier Collectief beers nest time I'm in the Netherlands - I commend them to you.

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