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Monday, 13 July 2015


Having spent a couple of years haunting the comments on other beer blogs I thought the time had come to have ago myself. I did think long and hard about this because I'm not really sure I've much new or original to say (not that seems to be a show stopper in the blogosphere) so this is something of a self indulgence where I will be able to bore you rigid with those beery topics that interest me.

Don't expect literary writing, technical analysis or detailed tasting notes (looking at old festival programmes my notes range from the likes of "really very good" to "bleurgh" although I may try and aim a little higher than that from time to time).  Nor should you expect a torrent of posts - it'll be about one a week at best.

For the time being comment moderation is on. Starting as I mean to go on no anonymous comments will be accepted at all. Pseudonymous comments will be allowed if I know the identity of the individual behind the name.  

This might be fun. Do stick around. 

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